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Having a reliable, efficient air conditioning system can mean the difference between enjoying a comfortable weekend gathering at your home, versus an unpleasant one due to heat and humidity with little relief for your family, or guests. In order to keep your home cool and pleasant in the summer, we offer high-quality air conditioning repair and service throughout San Diego.

Maintenance is the key to keeping your air conditioner in excellent condition. By regularly having your cooling unit serviced, you can extend the life of your unit and avoid costly repairs, or replacements. You can also help to significantly reduce your energy bills and energy consumption. We also offer affordable air conditioning repair, services, and maintenance plans, to help save you from unnecessary high costs.

• Replace/clean standard air filters. (recommended every 3-6 months)
• Check and clean condenser coil (before the season)
• Check Belts for wear & tear replace as needed
• Lubricate fan motor & blades.
• Inspect and test control box, circuit board, relays & capacitors.
• Inspect drain pan
• Inspection Refrigerate level (Superheat and Subcooling Testing before       the season)
• Clean Drain Line
• Clean Condensation Pump
• Program & inspect thermostat
• Tighten all electric

We’re equipped to service, repair and install all manufacturer brand equipment. As a licensed and certified company, you can be rest assured that we are committed to providing excellent service in our field. We offer our customers the most efficient solutions to maintain a comfortable climate in their home or business.

Call us at ( 858) 863-6481 the next time your cooling system requires the attention of a reliable company you can trust. We are prepared to answer your call day or night, including holidays.

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